Based in Salt Lake City, I maintain a full time small studio. I also maintain access to larger studio spaces in SLC, Berlin and Dresden, Germany.

I started in advertising as a Graphic Designer and quickly worked my way up to Creative Director for a top interactive agency, in San Francisco. While working in advertising, I had several opportunities to direct photo shoots for clients and had always wanted to be the photographer more than the Director.

Now, as an accomplished photographer, I bring the strengths of a Creative Director with a trained eye for clean composition and the expertise of a photographer.

I study the photographic styles of the past, present and future trends to keep my work fresh and to continually evolve.

I love that I can create imagery I have a passion for, while serving my clients' needs.

Johnny Kurtz


Studio and Location Equipment

My main tool is a Digital Medium Format, Phase One 645AF with a Phase One P40+ Digital back. This camera is a wonder to work with and gives results unseen before with commercial digital photography. With this specialized system coupled with Phase One's Capture One 6 RAW capture and editing software, the creative possibilities are endless.

I also offer full frame 35mm DSLR capture with a Canon 1Ds Mark III, for projects that are best met by using a smaller format system that still delivers excellent, commercial quality.

All of my lighting, either in studio or on location is by the Swiss company Elinchrom. Elinchrom delivers consistent results wherever I work. The clean natural lighting is sublime.


Rates are based on job type, time involved, crew and licensing. Projects are bid on a job by job basis. I am very competitive in my pricing.

Bids are on a flat fee basis to keep the process as simple and predictable for the client.No one wants to be surprised in the middle of a shoot.

Whatever the size of your photographic needs, I can handle it and work with you to get it done to your budget and final product vision. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at


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